Before pen touches paper at Disruptive Innovation we complete diligent research processes that provide invaluable orientation when designing products for optimum commercial results.

Market Research

Our research teams access trusted international databases and locate independent references to develop detailed market reports and are skilled in producing summary reports and infographics to communicate findings effectively.

Product Research

Identifying product and price point segmentation in target markets enables innovators to define specific product attributes that will deliver competitive advantages and increase commercial success.

I.P Research

Our research teams review existing Trademarks, Design Rights, Patents and “Disclosed Information”, identifying opportunities for intellectual property applications & informing where applications are most likely to be granted.

Trend Research

Trend research identifies the macro considerations that apply in specific markets and directs innovators to design products that will truly appeal to target consumers and achieve their commercial goals when launched.

Technology Research

Identifying, understanding and applying the “Technology Push” enables innovators to design products years ahead of competitors and to maximise commercial returns through superior consumer technology application.