Jake Dyson reveals light bulb that lasts for 40 years

December 10, 2015 Internet Of Things

Jake Dyson, son of Sir James has created an entirely new kind of light – Ariel, a sleek, suspended light that lasts 40 years before anything (even the bulb) needs replacing.

“LEDs have the ability to last for life – that’s why they were invented in the first place,” he says. “But companies sell LED lights that only last seven years so they can sell more in seven years’ time. I want my product to go into spaces where the interior doesn’t want to be changed for at least 25 years: airports or high-profile buildings, for example.”

Ariel will maintain its brightness for 180,000 hours, which if the light was on 12 hours a day, every day, at full brightness, is around 40 years.

Available in two models – a downlight and an uplight– and retailing at around £1,400 when it will be released next May, Ariel certainly isn’t cheap. But it is clever.

The Ariel is ZigBee WiFi-enabled, so can be controlled via an app, allowing users to set timers, or to link up their Ariel(s) to external light sensors so the light is dimmer on a sunny day, and brighter when it gets darker.

It also records the light’s electricity consumption and converts that into the KW/hour cost in the country it’s installed in – something that, surprisingly, other apps haven’t yet caught onto at this energy-conscious time.