Turn any cell phone into a microscope for 1 US Dollar

February 10, 2015 Disruptive Innovation

Foldscope is an origami-based print-and-fold optical microscope that can be assembled from a flat sheet of paper. It has been developed by the research team at PrakashLab at Stamford University.

Although it costs less than 1$ US Dollar in parts, it can provide over 2,000X magnification with sub-micron resolution (800nm), weighs less than 8.8 g, is small enough to fit in a pocket (70 × 20 × 2 mm3), requires no external power, and can survive being dropped from a 3-story building or stepped on by a person.

Its minimalistic, scalable design is inherently application-specific instead of general-purpose gearing towards applications in global health, field based citizen science and K12-science education.

The 10,000 unit Beta program has seen microscopes deployed worldwide and participants are currently posting their experiences and videos at http://www.foldscope.com

Disruptive innovation indeed!