Jaguar Land Rover’s project ‘REALCAR’, the recycled aluminium project that contributes to the Jaguar XE saloon’s aluminium-intensive body, has reached a significant milestone.

The project has reclaimed over 50,000 tonnes of aluminium scrap back into the production process during 2015/16, preventing more than 500,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere by not using primary aluminium material.

REALCAR involves 11 UK press shops implementing a closed-loop, segregating waste aluminium scrap so that it can be sent back into production to be re-melted into recycled aluminium sheet for use in Jaguar Land Rover vehicles.

The Jaguar Land Rover-led research project, part funded by Innovate UK, also saw the development of a recycled aluminium-based alloy which can accept a higher percentage of the recovered scrap. In 2014, the Jaguar XE became the first car in the world to use this high-strength aluminium alloy.

Recovering aluminium in this way offers huge sustainability benefits, with aluminium recycling requiring up to 95% less energy than primary aluminium production.

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Since the industrial revolution, many global populations have prospered as a result of the mass production business model.

We find and extract raw materials, convert them into products, and when they have brought utility to the consumers who buy them, we dispose of them as waste.

It’s undoubtedly a simple and widespread business model but is now increasingly seen as horribly wasteful by global manufacturers and consumers alike.

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