an award winning design consultancy

Disruptive Innovation is an award winning design consultancy based in the West Yorkshire City of Leeds.

Formed in 2011, the current team leverages over 50 years commercial design experience gained working across multiple sectors in the UK and overseas.

Since incorporation, Disruptive Innovation has rapidly grown month on month and now works with over 20 Yorkshire businesses to develop innovative products and services, in addition to working with a growing number of national PLC’s and global corporations.

Specialising in eco-product design, we are genuinely passionate advocates for environmental sustainability and have co-authored and published the acclaimed specialist textbook “Eco-Suss”.

Our internationally recognised expertise in this increasingly important design specialism enables Disruptive Innovation to successfully deliver commercial design projects for sector leading businesses and is an important cornerstone of all engagements we undertake.

The Team

Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson

Managing Director

An award winning product designer, Adam leverages specialist skills in eco-design, disruptive innovation and manufacturing technologies to achieve exceptional results for client businesses working in diverse business sectors.

With a proven track record of working successfully with individual inventors and entrepreneurs as well as corporate innovation groups, Adam leads multi-functional design teams to develop concepts, analyse life cycle impact, optimise product functionality and deliver advanced manufacturing designs across a broad spectrum of product categories

Peter Slevin
Peter Slevin


An experienced Business Leader and accomplished Entrepreneur, Peter has previously founded, grown and disposed of businesses operating in Manufacturing, Process Machinery, Apparel Fashion, Fitness, Hospitality, Business Consulting and Design sectors, and has additionally held Director positions in PLC, Non-profit and Government funded organisations.

With international business experience gained working in over 50 Countries, Peter now applies his diverse personal and professional experiences to identify and facilitate innovative product development opportunities for client organisations worldwide.

Our Values

Disruptive Innovation truly values people and the planet we live on.

Our business organisation is committed to advance Social, Environmental and Economic Sustainability and these core values are continuously embedded in everything we do.


Continually develop and deliver sector leading product innovation services to our customers, helping them to successfully achieve their innovation goals whilst optimising the resultant Social, Economic and Environmental impacts of our work.


(1) Act with absolute honesty and integrity in everything we do.
(2) Lead change in our sector and be innovative in making life better for our customers, our employees and our global stakeholders.
(3) Continually develop our staff, our operations and our business strategies so we are the best we can be at all times.
(4) Accurately understand our customer’s needs and work swiftly to fulfil them.
(5) Recognise every customer’s contribution to our success and routinely exceed their expectations in quality, value & service measures.
(6) Optimise the commercial, environmental and social value of all products we help to develop.
(7) Continually increase our international customer base and maximise our global business revenues and brand presence.
(8) Develop sustainable operating revenues that facilitate the achievement of our holistic business goals.
(9) Provide our investors and stakeholders with equitable returns through sustainable, global growth.
(10) Earn the respect of our staff for our values and goals and reward them all well for their contribution in achieving them.


Profitably operate business units in strategic international locations and be continuously supported by a loyal customer base for the many positive Social, Environmental and Economic impacts we help facilitate through our daily work.

Customer Service Charter

Disruptive Innovation Limited is committed to actively adapt its service delivery to meet the engagement preferences of each individual client organisation.

We endeavour to be innovative in making life better for our clients and to routinely exceed their expectations in quality, service and value measures. We respect all of our clients contribution to our business success and value their honest feedback on our performance.

By providing sector leading service standards, we aim to build lasting relationships that enable both our clients and our organisation to achieve our most ambitious development goals.

Clients can continually expect Disruptive Innovation to:


Act with absolute honesty and integrity in everything we do.
Be considerate, courteous and professional at all times.
Actively adapt to meet our clients personal engagement preferences.
Strive to understand our clients needs and work swiftly to fulfil them.
Pro-actively seek opportunities to improve client outcomes.
Routinely exceed contractual delivery obligations.
Maintain effective communications in all engagements.
Maximise value for our clients.
Improve our service delivery in each progressive engagement.


Respect client anonymity.
Maintain absolute confidentiality in all engagements.
Contract our personnel with strict confidentiality agreements.
Establish secure communications systems.
Maintain secure data storage systems.
Destroy or permanently remove all project information on request.


Progress all commercial business transactions promptly and professionally.
Provide clear and detailed written information for all contracts.
Respect all contractual obligations and fully discharge them.
Maintain all contractual obligations that extend beyond the contract term.


Establish effective communications procedures with all clients.
Respond promptly to all inward communications .
Provide clear, timely information.
Pro-actively communicate progress and maintain orientation.
Provide “out of hours” communications contacts.
Provide remote data access facilities.
Maintain agreed security arrangements.

Commendations & Complaints

Genuinely welcome all client feedback.
Ensure all feedback is promptly reviewed by company Directors.
Acknowledge receipt of client feedback in writing the next working day.
Inform how feedback will be incorporated within 5 working days.
Communicate all feedback and actions to every member of our staff.
Actively seek further client feedback after improvement implementation.


In our daily work, we continuously aim to improve the lives of as many people as possible around the world and to minimise the global environmental impact of all products we have helped to develop.

Whilst we are proud of our social and environmental impacts, we recognise the limitations of our direct influence and actively support charitable foundations that are dedicated to achieving progress in ways we cannot.

Though continuous monthly donations to our nominated charities we contribute thousands of pounds each year to support the work of organisations we truly value and admire.